Fast Vertical Leveling

The Fastest, Most Accurate Way to Plumb a Column

What is a Bazooka Plumb Bob?

A precision magnetic vertical level used for the alignment of steel columns, walls & more. It attaches/releases easily by way of a powerful magnetic head and gives an instant readout for level.
Also use on precast, forms, walls, studs and more...(Precast & Wall Hook or Form Hook attachments required for some applications)
An essential ironworker tool, made in the USA since 1967.

Bazooka Plumb Bob

  • Faster- By up to 50% vs a Laser
  • Extends- From 6'6"-12'
  • Efficient- 1 man can operate
  • Accurate- to .001" 
  • Easy- No Setup or Climbing
  • Versatile- Usable in wind, rain & other inclement weather(as safety permits)


Customer Feedback

"In a dispute with an inspector, the Bazooka Bobs saved our crew a full day's work the first day we got them."

Newark Steel
Newark NJ


How Erectors Plumb a Column

Use the Bazooka Bob On:

Steel Columns Metal Buildings Gang Forms
Channel Bucks Framing headers Metal Studs
Shelf Angles Steel Forms Rigging
Tilt Walls                Inspections           and more!
Concrete Walls, Forms and more(w attachment)

How to use the Bazooka Bob
(Short Video)

Featured Story
Newark Steel- Newark, NJ

Newark Steel had a dispute with an inspector
as to some of their columns being too far out. 
The Bazooka Bob settled it.

Go to the TESTIMONIALS page for their story

Bazooka Bob- Erector, Newark Steel   
Bazooka Bob on site, Montclair, NJ
Erector- Newark Steel
Using 2 Bazooka Plumb Bobs, 1 man can take both
N/S & E/W readings at once


Bazooka Bob in use at Coca Cola Plant- Kosiche, CR
Coca Cola Plant
Kosice, Czech Republic

Thanks for all your efforts getting the Bazooka Bob to
us in Kosice

Tom Songer
Songer Steel Services
Washington, Pa.

- S.S.S. was willing to spend almost $1000 to get their Bazooka Bob to the Czech Republic by overnight air. That's how important it was to them to have the Bazooka Bob on the job. Imagine what the Bazooka Bob could do for you.

The Bazooka Bob has been essential ironworker tool since 1967. Ironworkers in 44+ countries will tell you why we're the best tool on the job.


        Bazooka Plumb Bob
       Model M-12

Customer Feedback:  

  "...Using the Bazooka Bob, our ironworkers achieved speed & accuracy they couldn't accomplish with twice the effort using lasers, survey support, etc..."
Brandon G
Civil Engineer
Bechtel Corp



Bazooka Plumb Bob

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*Using statistics from 2014 bureau of labor statistics. Includes hourly wages and estimated cost savings from less time using equipment



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Caution: Customers have made us aware of knockoffs being sold to them as Bazooka Plumb Bobs. They come under the names: Tru-Bob, Bazooka/Accu-bob, Accu bob or Ez-Bob. These items are not Bazooka Bobs in any way. If it wasn't made by us, it isn't a Bazooka Bob. Call us to verify if you want to purchase from a dealer, that they aren't buying a knockoff.
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