Canadian & Other International Erectors-
We make it simple for you to order.
We handle all of the details, inclusive of all shipping/taxes/duty & customs paperwork, so you don't need to worry if it's done right.
We ship the Bazooka Bob to Canada via FedEx International Ground & Air.

Your payment includes:

  • The cost of your Bazooka Bobs
  • Duties/taxes
  • Shipping/handling charges
  • Customs fees & surcharges.

What's not included?
Any local taxes which may/may not be due in your area. We have never known a customer needing to pay this tax however, customs has told us some areas have them.
Example- Shipping & customs fees to Montreal will cost approx $85-95USD for 1 Bazooka Bob, $115-125USD for 2. Taxes/duty will be approximately 14.75%(QST & GST) Call us for rates to your city.

Two ways to Order:

Call us at (856) 673-1997
Order online and we'll contact you for the balance of shipping/taxes/duty to your location if any are due

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Doylestown, Pa., 18902

The Bazooka Bob is fully extendable from 6ft. 6in., when retracted, to just under 12ft. when fully extended.

Yes. If conditions are considered safe for you to work, then it's safe to use the Bazooka Bob. The Bazooka Bob was specifically designed to deal with the wind erectors deal with every day. The magnetic head has 181lbs of pull. It's not going anywhere. Just make sure the entire magnet is attached to the column.

Each slash is 1/8". The longest mark is the center "plumb" mark. You may also notice a small dot on the gauge. That's an offset mark for when you're using one of the attachments.

Yes, we have two attachments. We have a new one for precast & walls as well as one for Forms.  

We machine parts to a tolerance of .0005". This results in a working accuracy of .001" or better in 10ft.

If you're working on a 30ft column, you can expect accuracy of .000-.003" top to bottom.

As with any instrument for measuring vertical accuracy, the quality of your steel is important. If your steel isn't good, clean and straight, this may effect your readings.

If you don't see your question here, please email or call us, we're happy to help any way we can.

sales@bazookabob.com OR (856) 673-1997

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"We love this tool. The Bazooka Bob just answers so many questions"

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